Exporting Gerber Files for Manufacture of PCB Layout with Ultiboard

Updated Nov 16, 2023



  • Multisim
  • Ultiboard

After I finish my PCB layout with Ultiboard, what files do I have to send to the board manufacturer to have my board created?  Where do I get these files?

The Gerber files and the NC drill files are the required files to manufacture your bare board.

First, make the Gerber files through the following steps.
  1. Select File >> Export
  2. Choose 274X for the Gerber format, as this is the most widely accepted format.
  3. Highlight this option and click on the Properties button.
  4. Under 'Available Layers', highlight Copper Top. And press the arrow pointing to the right. This will move the highlighted layer to the export layer window.
  5. Repeat this steps for the following layers. And then, click OK and then Export to generate the Gerber files.
  • Copper Bottom
  • All inner copper layers
  • Silkscreen Top and Bottom
  • Solder mask top and bottom
  • Board outline
  • Drill symbols (not required but desirable)
  • Paste mask (not required but is used for SMD paste stencil)

Secondly, make the NC drill files through the following steps.
  1. Select File >> Export.
  2. Highlight NC Drill option and press the Export button.
Note : Ultiboard will generate two files: a .rep and a .drl file. The .rep file contains the drill size information and the .drl contains the X-Y coordinates of your drill holes.

Additional Information

For automated circuit assembly, you may want to add the following two files.
  • Part Centroids
This file is used by the pick and place machine during assembly. It contains center coordinates of all components and the rotation information.
  • IPC Netlist
This file is used for automated test machines such as bed of nails or flying probe.