LabVIEW Error 1498 Occurred at Get LV Class Default Value

Updated Jul 23, 2018

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  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I have an application, which contains the base class for dynamically dispatching the plugins during run-time. After building the executable, when the application tries to launch child class we are getting error as follows:


For you to overcome the issue, follow the mentioned steps:
  • Click on File and open VI Properties.
  • Uncheck the box mentioning Separate compiled code from source code (As shown in the diagram).
  • Save the VI.
  • Build the executable with the new VI and run it again.

Additional Information

  • LabVIEW 20xx (any version) is having a built in compiler in it. This converts the block diagram in to code that runs for the current OS.
  • Applications build out of LabVIEW only contain the run-time engine but not the compiler or editor to edit any VIs.
    • For LabVIEW versions older than 2011:
      • Whenever a VI is savedĀ  to a hard disk, it saves the Front panel, block diagram, icon/connector pane and complied code into single file (.vi). So when a VI is called from a application (built out of LabVIEW), it uses the complied code (inside the VI) to run the VI.
    • For LabVIEW versions older than 2011:
      • Saving the complied code into the same VI became optional through the VI settings. If you enable this feature, there are lot of benefits like
        • VI size is small
        • Unnecessary checkout and check in of top level VI is avoided in Source code control if the subVI is edited.
      • But the side effect is observed while calling a VI in Run-time engine dynamically. The Application will look for the complied code and if it is not available, then it will fail to run the VI.


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