Archived:NI SCOPE Card Fails Self Test or Self-Calibrate

Updated Oct 3, 2023

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Reported In


  • PXI Oscilloscope
  • PXI-5122
  • PXI-5105
  • PXI-1033


  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)



Issue Details

  • I have an NI PXI Oscilloscope card and my device fails the self-test in NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) and NI-Scope Soft Front Panel with one of the error codes below:
    • -200284
    • -200313
    • -200550
    • -228858
    • -238801
    • -239000
    • -239001
    • -239020
    • -239022
    • -50550
An example of the error message I see along with the code is listed below:
Error -239000 occurred at Self Test
Possible Reason(s):
Internal Hardware Error occurred in MIG hardware. Please contact National Instruments Support.

  • Oscilloscope device appears two times NI MAX and there is a red circle next to the device icon
239020 error


These error codes indicate fairly general problems that can be caused by either hardware or software. If you have a MXI system please check the additional steps below.

You can resolve these errors through one of the troubleshooting steps below:
  • Reset the device in Measurement & Automation Explorer, then try the self-test again.
  • Reboot the PC or PXI controller.
  • Try a different PCI or PXI slot.
  • Reset your NI MAX configuration database.
  • Remove and reinstall NI-Scope, make sure that all the packages are installed. 
  • Reinstall the device driver in Windows Device Manager (you don’t need to reinstall NI-SCOPE) by deleting or uninstalling the device and letting the operating system re-detect the hardware.
    • In Windows Device Manager, select Action>>Scan for Hardware Changes.
  • Update the driver to the latest version that supports your application development environment and operating system
  • Test the NI SCOPE card in a different slot.

Additional steps if the modules is used in a MXI (PCIe-PXIe Connection) system:
  • Disable the Kernel DMA Protection in the computer’s BIOS. Some computers do not specifically have the option Kernel DMA Protection in the BIOS, you will need to look for the Virtualization Technology for Directed I/O (Vtd) option and disable it, this will disable the Kernel DMA Protection. 
  • Check that the BIOS is able to enumerate the PCI(e) and PXI(e) devices correctly.
  • Verify that the bus number range on the Root Bus meets the minimum requirement.

Additional Information

If the problem persists after conducting all of the troubleshooting steps listed, contact NI Support for further assistance.