Low Profile Brackets for NI PCIe Card's

Updated Dec 3, 2018

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  • PCIe-8361

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  • I am moving my system to a new computer and I have a PCIe card¬†with a standard high profile bracket. This will no longer fit into my machine - where can I find a low profile bracket?
  • Can I buy a low-profile brackets for my PCI/PCIe cards?
  • Does NI offer a half-height equivalent for the PCIe-8361 card?


Most PCIe cards ships with both a full-height and low profile PCI bracket. The low profile bracket, roughly half the height of the standard bracket, can be used to fit the device in newer small form-factor (SFF) desktop cases or in 2U rack-mount cases.

We do not sell these brackets individually, but since the low profile bracket adheres to the PCI/PCIe standard for such brackets, it's possible to acquire these brackets from a 3rd party vendor.


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