LabVIEW is Not Loading as Expected

Updated Sep 18, 2019

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • NI License Manager

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

When I try to load LabVIEW I'm seeing one or more of the following issues. How can I resolve them?

  • I installed the LabVIEW Development System on my computer. When I click the shortcut in my desktop or start menu, nothing happens. If I navigate to the path where I installed the software, I see it is there, but nothing comes up when I double click the executable LabVIEW.exe file. Finally, if I open Windows Task Manager to see if the application comes up, I don't see the process running in the background.
  • When I open LabVIEW, the product activation window appears briefly, but LabVIEW either crashes or hangs without actually opening.
  • I may see the splash screen appear briefly but cannot interact with it.


This behavior may be caused by files used in the background being either corrupted or moved from their expected location. The steps that you should take to resolve it will depend on how you installed your NI software.

If your software was installed using a DVD, USB, or downloaded media from the NI's website:

  1.     Try repairing the software's installation
    1.     For LabVIEW versions 2016 and earlier, follow these steps to repair through the Control Panel
    2.     For LabVIEW versions 2017 and newer, follow these steps to repair through the command line 
  2.     Try Force Reinstalling the software, as described in this article  
  3.     Try uninstalling and reinstalling the software

If your software was installed using NI Package Manager:

  1.     Uninstall the package through the NI Package Manager
  2.     Download a clean version of the package through the NI Package Manager and install it on your system

If, while the software is attempting to load, you see the splash screen for product activation appear, something may have gone wrong with your activation. Try the steps below to correct your activation status.

  1.     Make sure that your NI License Manager is installed correctly and not corrupted. 
  2.     Deactivate your software through the NI License Manager   
  3.     Use one of these methods to activate your software again 
  4.     Try the steps listed above for resolving corrupted or missing files

If LabVIEW still will not open correctly after following these steps, please contact NI Support for further assistance.

Additional Information

This behavior is usually related to issues during the installation or activation process. This is most commonly seen when any of the following occur:

  •     You had National Instruments software installed previously in your computer, and manually deleted files instead of using the built-in Uninstaller
  •     The location of the software is not the default path in the C drive
  •     The software has been relocated on your system without using the proper installation methods