Missing .bin File Error when Creating New Vision Assistant Express VI

Updated Nov 9, 2018

Reported In


  • Vision Development Module
  • Vision Assistant
  • LabVIEW

Issue Details

I want to use the Vision Assistant Express VI in LabVIEW to perform image processing. When I select the Vision Assistant Express VI from the LabVIEW Palette and drop it on my block diagram, I get an error such as:

"C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\Vision Assistant\13135395.bin" not found.


To fix the functionality of your Vision Assistant Express VI, repair your installation of the Vision Development Module.

To perform the repair, you will need access to the installation media of the version of Vision Development Module that you have installed. You can use the USB or DVD installation media that was shipped to you when you purchased the product or you can download the installer from NI's software download site.

If the repair doesn't take care of the issue, and you can upgrade to 2018SP1 VDM then this is the recommended solution since the latest version has had this issue fixed. 

If the repair does not fix it and you cannot up grade, then you should use the work around of working out of the Vision Assistant Tool outside of LabVIEW.  From there, you will be able to create new Vision Scripts and then use them in LabVIEW by creating LabVIEW VI's using the LabVIEW VI Creation Wizard.  You can find this process in the NI Vision Assistant Tutorial.

Additional Information

Certain National Instruments products will install NI Package Manager, which replaces the normal NI Uninstaller. Currently, NI Package Manager does not have the option to repair a software installation. In that case, you can either uninstall Vision Development Module completely and then reinstall it, or refer to Repair Software In NI Package Manager (NIPM) to perform the repair.

This Missing Bin issue is a known issue in Vision Development Module 2017 and earlier.  It has been filed as a Corrective Action Request with National Instruments and should be fixed in the most recent version of VDM (2018SP1).


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