USB Camera Not Detected Via NI PCIe-8244

Updated Mar 30, 2018

Reported In


  • PCIe-8244


  • NI-IMAQdx

Issue Details

The USB camera works fine through the standard USB ports, but My USB camera is not detected through NI PCIe-8244 in MAX. 

How can I detect USB cameras?


To connect USB Camera via NI PCIe-8244, You need to install NI-IMAQdx Vision Acquisition Software version 4.1 later and Renesas μPD 720202 driver software, included on the separate driver DVD shipped with the device. Renesas μPD 720202 driver software also can download from the link in Related Link section.

If Web Camera can not be detected even after installing the above driver, there is a possibility that necessary power is not enough for your PCIe slot.PCIe-8244 need to supply as least 25 W of power.

To solve the power problem, you need to connect the PCIe-8244 to the PC power supply module using the 4 Pin Power to 15 pin SATA Female Adapter Cable.


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