Can I Move Update Service Installers Folder Data?

Updated Nov 1, 2018

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  • NI Update Service

Issue Details

When looking through the file directories on my computer I noticed that the Update Service Installer folder at the following location has several GB of data stored:

C:\ProgramData\National Instruments\Update Service\Installers

Is it safe to delete this data? I'd like to reduce the amount of memory used on my computer.


Don't delete these installers, however if moving them to free up disk space is necessary we can change the directory to another disk. Here are the following steps to specify the new directory:

1. Open NI Update Service 

2. File >> Preferences 

3. Modify the "Directory to save updates" to the desired location 

Additional Information

Deleting these installers often can be a problem if you are building installers for your applications and it wants to include software patches with the packages you are selecting. Patches often are released after the Disk Shipments so you can't just point at those for the media.

If you point the NI Update Service to an external hard drive for this, make sure that the drive is attached whenever the update service runs. 


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