Can I Delete Update Service Installers Folder Data?

Updated May 27, 2024

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  • NI Update Service

Issue Details

  • When looking through the file directories on my computer, I noticed that the Update Service's Installers folder has several GB of data stored. Can I delete this to save space?
  • I want to delete data in my C:\Program Data\National Instruments\Update Service directory. Is it safe to do so?


The files in the Installers folder do not affect the usage of NI software. It is possible to delete these files without affecting your ability to use the software, but this should only be done if absolutely necessary.
It is important to note that these file are required for reinstalling software and building LabVIEW installers for applications. If software patches need to be included within the LabVIEW installer packages, this is the location that will be referenced.

Instead of deleting the data, NI recommends changing the default directory for the files. The steps below show how this can be done.

1. Open NI Update Service.

2. Navigate to  File >> Preferences.

3. Modify the "Directory to save updates" to the desired location, as shown below:

4. Click "OK" to save the new preferences.

Additional Information

The MDF folder within C:\Program Data\National Instruments\ stores the cache data for the installers. The same concept applies to these files if you are considering deleting or moving the files.

Note: If you point the NI Update Service to an external hard drive, make sure that the drive is attached whenever the update service runs.