Transferring Data Between Two Independent PXIe Systems

Updated May 1, 2018

Reported In


  • PXIe-8830MC
  • PXIe-8383MC

Issue Details

I would like to transfer data at a high throughput between two PXIe systems with embedded controllers. What options do I have to accomplish this?


On the PXIe form factor you can use a PXIemc card in order to achieve data throughput of up to 2.7GB/s between two PXIe chassis with embedded controllers. The two modules that are available are the PXIe-8830mc and the PXIe-8383mc.

Additional Information

The PXI MultiComputing(PXImc) specification was created by the PXI Systems Alliance to allow two or more intelligent systems, systems that are independent of each other, to share data using the PCI Express bus. For more information on this specification please refer to the Introduction to PXImc white paper.


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