Determining the Current Version of a Build Specification

Updated Apr 20, 2018

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I am viewing a build specification for an executable, packed project library, DLL, etc. I have enabled Auto increment for the Version Number, and I am trying to determine the current version of my build. Is it the number displayed in the Version Information section, or is that the version applied to the next build?


The information displayed in the Version Information section reflects the information that will be applied to the next build. Thus, if you have Auto increment enabled, the version number in the build specifications will always be greater than the last completed build on disk. The version number will auto-increment after a build is completed. See the table below for an example:
Build OrderCurrent Version on DiskVersion Displayed in Build SpecificationsVersion Applied to Next Build
1st BuildN/A (not built yet)
2nd Build1.
3rd Build1.


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