Test Packet Timeout Error with Basler GigE Cameras in VAS 2009

Updated Apr 12, 2023

Reported In


  • Basler ace
  • Basler scout
  • Basler pilot
  • Basler aviator


  • Vision Acquisition Software August 2009
  • Vision Acquisition Software November 2009

Issue Details

I am using Vision Acquisition Software 2009 and receiving a test packet timeout error when I try acquiring an image from my Basler Gigabit Ethernet camera. How can I resolve this error?


There is a known issue in Vision Acquisition Software 2009 where acquiring images from some Basler cameras with a 2.x firmware version returns a test packet timeout error. This happens due to test packets being enabled by default in the driver and a problem with the camera firmware that prevents it from sending a packet in time. A firmware upgrade on the Basler camera will fix this issue. 

The test packet timeout error can also be handled by configuring the Test Packets Enabled attribute for the camera to be disabled in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX). Follow these steps to set this attribute:

  1. Open MAX.
  2. Click on the Basler GigE camera under Devices and Interfaces»NI-IMAQdx Devices.
  3. Choose the Camera Attributes tab.
  4. Click on View Options listed right above the camera attributes, and then choose to View All. This allows all camera attributes to be displayed.
  5. Click on Expand All to list all the attributes.
  6. Select the Test Packet Enabled attribute and set it to be disabled.

The attribute would be displayed in Measurement & Automation Explorer as shown below:

Additional Information

Outside of the known issue in VAS 2009, the two most common reasons for a test packet timeout error are:

  • Jumbo frames are acquired from the camera, but the network card is not configured to allow jumbo frames. 
  • Firewall prevents data transfer from the camera.
See Error 0xBFF69031 When Acquiring from a GigE Camera  and Troubleshooting GigE Vision Cameras  for more information about troubleshooting test packet timeout errors.