Green Blinking Status LED on P7000 Kollmorgen Stepper Motor Drive

Updated Apr 9, 2018

Reported In


  • P7000 DC Stepper Drive
  • Universal Motion Interface
  • PXI-7350


  • Motion Control Module

Issue Details

My green status LED is blinking on my P7000 stepper motor drive. Why is this happening, and how do I resolve it?


According to the P7000 manual, a green blinking status LED indicates that the ENABLE line is active, disabling the amplifier. To resolve this, switch the ENABLE line (either to ACTIVE OPEN or to ACTIVE CLOSED, depending on which one isn't currently selected) using the P7000 tools, or just assert a LOW signal to the ENABLE lines on your P7000.


Additional Information

The ENABLE input removes current from the motor's windings so that its axis can be moved externally. The line is configured ACTIVE OPEN by factory default, meaning that if those enable inputs on the P7000 are left open, then the drive will be enabled, and your LED will blink. In the P7000 tools, we can just swap the polarity of the ENABLE line so that it's ACTIVE CLOSED, meaning that with our current setup, the amplifier should be enabled. So, in summary, we can either assert a low signal to the ENABLE line or use the software to switch the ENABLE setting to ACTIVE CLOSED.