IMAQ Line Scan Camera: Number of Lines Per Grab

Updated Oct 28, 2020



  • Frame Grabber Device


  • Vision Development Module


  • Vision Acquisition Software

I have a line scan camera and an NI Frame Grabber. How can I set the number of lines that are acquired per IMAQ Grab? 

You can set the number of lines acquired per IMAQ Grab operation by setting the Acquisition Window Height. You can set the Acquisition Window Height one of two ways: 

  • In NI Measurement and Automation Explorer (NI MAX), you can modify the Acquisition Window Height in the camera settings. 
  1. Expand your Frame Grabber in NI MAX and select your camera.
  2. Go to the Acquisition Parameters page for your camera. 
  3. Change the Height parameter under Acquisition Window. 
  4. Select Save to save the changes to the window. 

  • In your LabVIEW VI, you can set the Acquisition Window Height before starting your image acquisition with a Property Node. 
  1. ​After initializing your IMAQ session, place a Property Node and wire in the IMAQ Session reference. 
  2. Select the Acquisition Window Height property. It is located under Acquisition Parameters>> Acquisition Window >> Height. See the picture below for a reference to this property.
  3. Write your desired height to the Property Node.