Error -300034 When Calibrating NI 9219 With Calibration Executive

Updated Jun 28, 2019

Reported In


  • NI-9219


  • Calibration Executive

Issue Details

I am using NI Calibration Executive to calibrate NI 9219 module.
I am using manual mode, thus I am not using any switching modules and fixtures.
However, when I run calibration, I am getting the following error:
Error -300034 occurred at 
Switch Path: "CH0_CURRENT_CAL" not found in switch definition database. 

Complete call chain: 
Verify_NI 9219_Current 
at step CH0 Verify Current Accuracy 

Possible reason(s): 

Calibration Executive: The limits database for this procedure is corrupt. It may be necessary to reinstall Calibration Executive.

What is causing the error?


NI 9219 is not fully supported in manual mode in Calibration Executive, as stated in NI 9219 Calibration Procedure in Calibration Executive Help:

Note:  Instruments can be used in manual mode, but the switch does not support being operated in manual mode.

In order to correctly and accurately calibrate your NI 9219 module with Calibration Executive, you will need to use calibration fixture CAL-9219 (P/N 785860-01) with PXIe-6341 multifunction I/O and PXIe-2737 matrix switch modules. Refer to the NI 9219 Calibration Procedure in Calibration Executive Help for the full equipment list. 


Additional Information

Please also ensure that you are using supported DMM and Calibrator models, as listed in Test Equipment table in Calibration Executive help, otherwise you may get other errors, such as error -1074001424.

In case the supported hardware is not available, you can calibrate your NI 9219 using National Instruments Calibration Services.


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