What is the TestStand Random Function Based on?

Updated Jun 4, 2018

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  • TestStand

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How does TestStand generate pseudo random numbers using the Random() function?


The Random function mainly operates in three different ways:
  • Calling the random function with a low, high, and non-zero seed value will run through the code as expected. The seed will used in a number of operations that ends with a random final value. 
  • Calling the random function with a low, high, and zero valued seed will run the code similarly except that the seed will be based on the system clock. 
  • Calling the random function with only a low and high value is slightly different. If no seed is passed, there is a default value that is used to generate the seed.
If you seed the Random function with the same value and don't change the range, you'll always end up generating the same sequence of number. From my understanding though, this is expected from any pseudo-random number generator. 



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