Can Not Locate a Barcode with IMAQ Read Barcode VI

Updated Apr 27, 2018

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  • Vision Development Module

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I use LabVIEW shipped Read 1D Barcode Example from Help >> Find Examples... >> Toolkits and Modules >> Vision >> Barcodes. When defult images from the example are used, barcodes are regnozied correctly every time. But when I replaced them with ours, Barcode Read Data is incorrectly in the most of the time.

Are there any recommendations on how to improve the original image in order to locate and recognize barcodes correctly?


In order to allow to locate and recognize barcodes correctly in an acquired image try to execute the following:
  • Increase a resolution of the image from low (640x480px) to high (1280x720px)
  • Make sure that an object with the barcode is in Focus Distance of the camera
  • Bring the barcode closer to the camera in order to make it bigger


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