Can I Keep My DMM Shunt Resistor Connected When Measuring Voltage or Others?

Updated Aug 29, 2019

Reported In


  • PXIe-4082

Issue Details

I want to take a current measurement with a PXIe-4082, then take a voltage measurement:
  • I want the PXIe-4082 to keep the shunt across the current input pins while I am taking the voltage and frequency measurements. 
  • Will the PXIe-4082 keep shunt resistor across the current inputs while the other measurements are being taken? 


The DMM will disconnect the shunt resistor across the current inputs everytime switched to do a measurement other than current. Meaning, there will be no current flowing through current input pins while taking other type of measurement.

Additional Information

This can be tested measuring continuity accross the current inputs when changing the mode. You can test this using NI-DMM Soft Front Panel.