Can I Keep My DMM Shunt Resistor Connected When Measuring Voltage or Others?

Updated Apr 4, 2018

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  • PXIe-4082

Issue Details

I want to take a current measurement with a PXI-4082, then take a voltage measuremeny, then take a frequency measurement.  I want the PXI-4082 to keep the shunt across the current input pins while I am taking the voltage and frequency measurements. 

Will the PXI-4082 keep this shunt accross the current inputs while the other measurements are being taken? 


No, the DMM will disconnect the shunt resistor accross the current inputs everytime it´s setup to do a measurement other than current.

Additional Information

This can be tested measuring continuity accross the current inputs when changing the mode. You can test this using NI-DMM Soft Front Panel.


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