Export DataFinder Server Configuration

Updated Jun 27, 2019

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  • DataFinder Server

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I want to create a backup of the configuration of my NI DataFinder Server. How can I export the configuration?


If you are using DataFinder Server 2017 or later, follow these steps:​
  1. Start TDM Server Manager to open the browser based configuration tool and log in
  2. Select the DataFinder of which you want to export the configuration
  3. Click More followed by Create Backup
  4. Select the Path you want to store the backup file to an confirm with OK. A file with the filename extension .dfbak will be created in the specified location.
  5. Existing backup files can be loaded by selecting More and Restore
For earlier Versions of DataFinder Server follow these instructions or read the section Backup for DataFinder Servers in the manual.


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