Is There Camera Lens with Changeable Focus Distance?

Updated Mar 15, 2019

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  • Smart Camera
  • ISC-1780
  • ISC-1781
  • ISC-1782
  • ISC-1783

Issue Details

I need to use a camera and lens with a changeable focus distance. Does National Instruments or partner companies have one?


The Smart Camera NI ISC-178x series have support for Varioptic electronically focusable liquid lenses. These lenses have an oil / water barrier that allows them to change focal length based on voltage stimulation over an I2C interface. This enables variable focus from 11cm to infinity and autofocus functionality.
The following models are compatible with NI ISC-178x series:

Additional Information

The ISC-1783 has a sensor size of 1", and these lenses are 2/3" format. There is no specific Varioptic lens that we recommend for use with the ISC-1783.