Why the 9213 Working in Hybrid Mode Could Not Return the Right Data

Updated Jul 10, 2018

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  • NI-9213

Issue Details

I use the cRIO chassis with the 9213 and 9233, respectively working in scan mode and FPGA mode. But why my 9213 returns the wrong data? The number is always 0 or 114C.


When you use the Scan Engine and FPGA Simultaneously on a CompactRIO, it also called hybrid mode, you should make sure your CompactRIO is working on the hybrid mode. How Can I Use Scan Engine and FPGA Simultaneously on a CompactRIO (Hybrid Mode)?
Also you should check the version number of DAQmx device, cause before NI-DAQmx 14.5 there is a multi-channels' problem. USB-9213 Returns Corrupted Data in High-Speed Mode During On-Demand Acquisition.


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