Mapping Between Row & Columns with the Relay Name of NI-Switch

Updated Aug 10, 2022

Reported In


  • PXI-2532
  • PXI-2531
  • PXIe-2531



Issue Details

I am using the NI-Switch Soft Front Panel to test my NI Matrix Switch, but when I use the schematic option to create routes I do not understand how it is mapped to the kb0r0c0 relay name of the Relays tab.


In the NI-SWITCH Soft Front Panel, you can test your relays by Schematic or by Relay.
Using the schematic option is usually easier since the connections are visually shown.

Schematic mode:

When using the Relay mode, you can see the opened or closed relays individually by their name. These names are not mapped directly to the visual representation in the Schematic mode (Although they are equivalent, closing a relay in Schematic mode, closes the relay in the Relay mode). The relay names are set by the bank configuration for each individual NI-Switch module. This bank configuration can be consulted in the NI Switches Help and it is different for each supported topology.

Relay Mode:

Matrix cards work with banks to create the different topologies, the kb initials mean the bank, r is for the row and c is for the column.  As an example, for the PXI/PXIe-2532/2532B 2-Wire 4x64 Matrix topology the bank diagram is the following:

For this topology, since it is 2 wire, we have a positive and a negative connection. Bank 0-7 for the positive and Bank 8-15 for the negative as the Columns indicate on the image above. Meaning that selecting a relay route will actually close 2 relays.

If you were to select a row 2 and column 5 route:

The relay name would be:
  • kb1=Bank 1
  • r0=Row 2 of bank 1 is 0
  • c5=Column 5
  • kb9=Bank 9
  • r0=Row 2 of bank 9 is 0
  • c5=Column 5
Relay name: kb1r0c5 and kb9r0c5 since this is a 2-wire network topology.