What is the Maximum Distance to Take Measurements with a LabVIEW RIO I/O Expansion?

Updated Mar 26, 2018

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  • C Series EtherCAT Interface Module
  • cRIO-9014
  • Expansion Module for CompactRIO


  • NI-RIO

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I have a cRIO chassis and I want to know what is the maximum distance that the expansion chassis can be away the controller to take measurements.


National Instruments has 4 different options to expand the I/O capabilitites of your RIO system. Depending on the option you are using, the maximum distance to which the expansions can be away from the controller will vary. The following describes the maximum distances of the 4 Expansion I / O options:
  • MXI-Express RIO is limited to 7m distances between the chassis en controllers
  • Ethernet RIO and EtherCAT RIO support up to 100 m before needing a hub, switch or repeater between devices
  • With WSN you can reach comunication distances up to 900m away from the gateway. The real distances and the wireless signal forces vary depending on several factors, incluiding the RF environment, line of sight and the WSN radio version certified for each region - American version is 17dBm, and the Europe/Asia is 10 dBm. By using the routers, you can extend the total network range and position nodes up to three times from your gateway, resulting in 900 m of total network range. To know which version of the node is certified for your region, see Certifications of Wireless Products by Country.
For more information about Expansion  I/O for LabVIEW RIO systems go to related links.


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