Writing Hexadecimal Data to Digital I/O Cards in LabVIEW

Updated May 3, 2018

Reported In


  • PXIe-6547


  • LabVIEW


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I am trying to write hexadecimal digital data or serial data to my digital I/O card in LabVIEW.


You can accomplish this by converting hexadecimal numeric constants into a 2D array of U8 ones and zeros, then building a Digital Waveform out of the U8 array. 

A screenshot showing an example of how this can be done in LabVIEW is included below:

The digital waveform generated by the code above can then be written out to hardware using a DAQmx Digital Output task or an NI-HSDIO Write Named Waveform VI.

Additional Information

With the data transposed and rotated as above, each row of the 2D U8 array corresponds to a single waveform, which can then be mapped to a digital line on the hardware, while each column represents a single data bit of that waveform.

Other waveform properties, such as the start time (t0) and the interval (dt) can be set in the Build Waveform VI.


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