Download LabVIEW Software With Academic Volume License

Updated Jun 20, 2023

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Issue Details

  • I have an Academic Volume License and I am trying to download LabVIEW 2015, but it is not listed as an option when I search for academic software bundles. The only versions I see are before 2015 versions. Where can I download this?
  • I'm trying to create Volume License Installers and need the installation files for all of the software for my Academic Volume License. Where can I download all of the software that's available with my license?
  • My student needs access to LabVIEW 2017 for their lab. We have an Academic Volume License. How do we download this software?


Starting Fall 2015, NI started using the Full NI Platform Software Installer for Downloading Academic Software Bundles with Academic Volume Licenses.

LabVIEW Bundles will be under Recommended Installers for Software Administrators and specific products such as LabVIEW will be under Recommended Installers for Students and Educators.

After entering one's serial number, the software valid under the Academic Volume License can be downloaded onto the computer. These can then be utilized to create Volume License Installers.

If the LabVIEW software is still available on NI's website, download the software and utilize the academic site license's serial number to activate and register the software.

Note: Please make sure you have completed your MyNI profile successfully before downloading the software.  If you haven't completed your profile, the Download Academic Software site will not give the link to start the download.  You can finish your MyNI profile by signing in to and follow the prompt on-screen. 

Additional Information

If the serial number needs to be registered to your account, click on the My Products link under the My Products & Services section of the account dashboard.

If the serial number has been registered, select the Software Downloads link under the My Products & Services section of the account dashboard to find any software that is available for download with the serial number.