Can I Use the USRP in Outer Space Conditions?

Updated Apr 26, 2018

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I'm working on a project that will be deployed in space, and I need to verify what environmental conditions the USRP can endure. Can the USRP operate in outer space conditions?


Each USRP device's specification sheet provides a section on the environmental conditions in which the USRP can operate. For many of the USRPs these specifications are as follows:
  • Ambient temperautre range: 23°C, +/- 5°C
  • Maximum altitude: 2000m (or atmospheric pressure of at least 800mbar)
If the USRP is deployed in a vessel that can regulate the environment to meet these conditions then it could be used for such an application. 

Some USRPs may have slightly different specifications. For example, the USRP-2932 can operate in a temperature range of 0-55°C. Please check the specification sheet for your particular device.


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