All the Main Application Windows in LabVIEW Are Tiny

Updated Dec 21, 2022

Reported In


  • LabVIEW
  • Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX)

Operating System

  • Windows

Issue Details

I just installed LabVIEW on my Windows 10 Machine and all the main application windows are tiny. Other main application windows seem to be fine. How can I fix this problem?


Follow the steps below:
  1. Right click the LabVIEW icon in the desktop then select Properties.
  2. As shown above under the Compatibility tab, enable Override high DPI scaling behavior, select Application as the Scaling performed by.
  3. Click Apply. Close the window and open LabVIEW again it should be on a regular size now.

This solution can be used with NI-MAX if the same issue is present.

Additional Information

This is something that could happen to software in general because of the DPI configuration of Windows 10.
Another possible workaround to this issue is trying to "play" with the Windows display settings, using the resolution with: 1920x1080 as recommended.