Error -2147220312 When Updating myRIO Software

Updated Apr 12, 2023

Reported In


  • myRIO Student Embedded Device
  • myRIO-1950
  • myRIO-1900

Issue Details

When I run the myRIO setup software and try to update the software on the myRIO I get the following error:
Error -2147220312 occurred at nisysconfig.lvlib:Install
Possible reason(s):
NI System Configuration: The execution of an external command, script, or application failed.

How can I fix this?


Use NI Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX) to first format your myRIO per these instructions:

1. Power on your myRIO and connect it to your computer.

2. Open NI MAX (NI Measurement and Automation Explorer).

3. Navigate to Remote Systems, then find your myRIO device.

4. Right-click on the myRIO device and select Format Disk from the context menu, as shown:

5. When asked about retaining network settings, you can choose the option to format and Preserve the settings for all network adaptors.
  • If an error message appears stating that the device was unable to restart, unplug the power to the myRIO and plug back in the power.
6. Launch the Getting Started Wizard from the myRIO USB Monitor prompt that pops up when a myRIO is connected to the computer. This can be seen below:

7. Select to Install the recommended software set. (Note: The Wizard may or may not show an installed software set depending on the current state of your myRIO.)

8. The installation will take some time. The myRIO may restart several times during installation, therefore the myRIO USB Monitor window will pop up multiple times.

9. In case a firmware update is available for your myRIO, it is installed automatically during this process.

10. By the end of this process, your myRIO will have all the required software installed.

If the -2147220312 error message persists after following the steps above. Format the myRIO from the command line as per Format a NI Linux Real-Time Target from the Command Line (Linux Shell) , afterwards, disconnect and reconnect the myRIO to the computer, then Launch the Getting Started Wizard from the myRIO USB Monitor prompt that pops up.

Additional Information

You can use NI MAX to install additional software onto your myRIO. To do so, find the device in NI MAX, expand it's node to reveal the Software branch, right-click this node and click Add/Remove Software. In the opening-up dialog, select the software set marked with "(currently installed)" and click next. You can now pick additional software to install.

It is also possible to change the installed software set on your myRIO to a different version, in case you have additional ones installed on your computer. To do this, go to your myRIO's Software node in NI MAX, right-click it and click Add/Remove Software. In the dialog shown, pick the new software set to install: