Can't Connect to Modules in 9151 Using R Series Card

Updated Apr 18, 2018

Reported In


  • PXI-7851
  • PXI-7854
  • NI-9151

Issue Details

I've tried connect my R series card to a 9151, but my computer won't recognize the modules in the 9151.  What could be causing this?


There is a chance that a fuse has been tripped.  We can check this by:
  1. Plugging the R series card into a breakout board, such as the SCB 68.
  2. Measuring the voltage between the +5V and ground pin.
If the voltage is +5V, the fuse is not tripped.  If the voltage is 0, then the fuse has tripped, and you should send the card in to NI to replace the fuse.


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