How to Transfer Data From FPGA to Host Without Using RT VI

Updated May 1, 2018

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  • cRIO-9068

Issue Details

I am using cRIO 9068 and I want to transfer data from FPGA to Host, without involving the  RT VI


It is not necessary to run a RT VI, your system can consist of only host and FPGA VIs. However, when you choose to run all of your code on the host you are losing determinism in your system. You are not able to time-bound execution times as you would be on the RT. Running code on RT also enables you to run at lot higher execution rates compare to host.

It really comes down to what your application needs and what is your final goal with it. If your application does not require a deterministic bound-time execution, running higher rates then (~1kHz) or ability to run headless then you can continue to run your code on the host only.
All you have to do is loadding the FPGA bit file and operate the FPGA VI from they host VI using Open FPGA VI Reference, and Read/Write Control from the FPGA Interface palette.