Maximum and Minimum Values for the Interchannel Delay Setting

Updated Apr 24, 2024

Reported In


  • PCIe-6363


  • NI-DAQmx

Issue Details

I would like to know what are the maximum and minimum values for the interchannel delay that I can set up for my DAQ Device.


Each DAQ device has different minimum and maximum settings. However, you can derive these values very easily.

Maximum interchannel delay = 1/(scan clock rate) divided by the number of channels in your scan list. For example, if you scan all 16 channels at a scan rate of 10,000 scans per second, your maximum interchannel delay would be (1/10,000)/16 = 6.25E-6 seconds.

Minimum interchannel delay = 1/(maximum sampling rate in samples per second for your device). For example, if you have a PCIe-6353 device, the maximum sampling rate is 1.25 MS/s. Therefore, the minimum interchannel delay would be 1/1.25E6 = 8.0E-7 seconds.